Photo by Lindsey Van Roy

For an artist, art materials are much like an instrument is for a musician. With lots of practice, an artist should be able to progress from learning the notes, to playing a song, and then on to playing music without having to consciously think about the notes or the instrument. When you know your instrument, whether it is a piano or a paint brush and oil paint, you can open yourself to the creative experience with the knowledge you can rely on the performance of your tools.

Working for an art material manufacturer and distributor has given me the opportunity to visit factories to see how different materials are made. It has also given me the privilege of talking with some of the most talented artists from around the world about the materials they use. The knowledge I have gained has confirmed my belief that an artist should use only the highest quality materials available for both the sake of the artist and the collector.

If you have any questions about the materials used in my work, feel free to contact me or visit to learn more about specific products.

Supply List

Oil Paintings:
Richeson Oils ~ The Shiva Series
Linen Canvas
BEST Heavy-duty Stretcher Bars
Richeson Brush Series 9164
BEST Abiquiu Easel

Pastel Paintings:
A number of professional brands including Richeson Soft Pastels
Surfaces: Richeson Premium Pastel Surfaces

Watermedia Paintings:
Stephen Quiller Watercolors and Acrylics
Shiva Casein
Premium Watercolor Paper by Richeson
Richeson Brush Series 7000 & 7010